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At Child Recovery we understand the emotional turmoil that accompanies the parental abduction of your child.  Your child has been abducted and the courts, legal process and the relevant authorities can often take weeks and sometimes months to navigate before you start to see any affirmative action taking place.  Meanwhile you are living every parents worst nightmare.

After half a dozen phone calls to lawyers, police, the courts and anyone else you can think of, you might be forgiven for thinking that everyone was treating this as though it was your favourite pushbike that was stolen.  They are all very sympathetic to your predicament, however none of them are in a position to commence any immediate action that will reunite you with your abducted child anytime in the very near future.

The reason for this is that the authorities have legislation, a bureaucracy and standard operating procedures and guidelines or rules they have to comply with.

It can often take up to a month or longer just to get approval from the courts to involve the authorities and even longer to get the media to help in the search for your abducted child.  The first 48 hours is the most crucial time in any abduction or kidnapping.  No professional would advocate waiting a month before taking positive action.

Australia has the highest per capita rate of parental child abduction in the world.  Australia also has one of the lowest rates of recovery of abducted children.  The USA has almost 250,000 parental child abductions annually, several thousand of which cross international borders.

"...Parental Abduction" is the unlawful taking of a child by one parent, depriving the other parent or guardian of their lawful custody of the child.

International Parental Child Abduction (IPCA) is a term used to describe the situation of a parent taking a child to another country without the other parent’s consent.  It also applies to a parent who has taken a child on a holiday to another country, with the other parent’s consent, but then refuses to return the child.

Cases of International Parental Child Abduction, while relatively unknown within the broader community, occur regularly across Australia and the rest of the world.  In Australia, official records estimate 2 to 3 children are abducted by a parent out of and into Australia each week.  Another 650 children are abducted nationally each year in Australia.

"It’s a tragedy that two to three children are abducted from Australia each week and about 650 parental child abductions happen in Australia each year," Minister for Home Affairs Mr O’Connor said.

"As a parent, I can only imagine the torture of not knowing where your child is and if they are safe and well.  I really feel for families in this situation.  We can all do our part to ease their pain."

Even when you have the correct legal documentation, if the abducting parent has changed their name or is being assisted to evade detection then the job of finding them becomes so much harder.

"...Despite all precautions and best efforts, you may find yourself in the situation where your child is in fact abducted, inappropriately, by the other parent".

If necessary we have trained mediators who have successfully negotiated the return of the abducting parent and child/ren.

We also believe that a multi-agency approach can be the most effective method of successfully recovering an abducted child.  We will work together with the authorities and provide them with any relevant information so that they may also forward the investigation to a successful conclusion.

When your child has been abducted, you want immediate action and results.  The last thing you need is to be filling out forms, sitting through endless interviews and retelling your story over and over to a litany of Government agencies as each gradually becomes involved.

Child Recovery can commence the recovery of your abducted child almost immediately.  Child Recovery has the resources and the expertise to commence the search immediately.

If your child has been abducted then you need to contact us now.  Child Recovery has the necessary experience, resources and expertise to safely and expeditiously reunite you with your child.

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