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Mum's Anguish After Kids Held in Algeria

Kiwi Siege Diplomat Faces Job Losses - Labour

Mother Fears for Children Taken to Algeria by Her Ex-Husband


Inala Dad in Public Plea to Help Find Missing Girl Taken by her Mother Against Court Orders

'Stolen' Children Returned to Dad Following Plea in Sunday Mail

Call for Criminal Charges Against Parents Who Abduct Children

Warwick Daily News - Jack Donaldson Parental Abduction

Mother Accused of Abducting Child Says 'Courts Failed Her'

Nations Unite to Tackle Parental Child Abduction

Plea to Catch Mums and Dads on the Run - The Sunday Telegraph

Search Continues for Missing Reya

Hunt for US Child Moves to Victoria - Herald Sun

Homesick Mum Wins Custody of Australian Kids

Government Tightens Child Abduction Laws


International Anguish: A Father's Fight to Find His Daughter


Abducted Child Returned By Airline


Children Torn Between Two People, Two Homelands, Two Cultures


Estonia: More Guardians Take Action Over Parental Abduction


Abducted Child to Return to Mum, Court Orders

Child Abduction Case Prompts Ministerial-Level Altercation Between Finland and Russia


Snatched Toddler Returns to France With Father


Appeals Panel Rules Iceland Court Best For Custody Battle


I Need to Know My Girl is Safe

Ireland: Child Abduction Cases Reached 233 Last Year

Wrongly Removed Children Allowed to Stay in Ireland


Israeli Who Abducted Daughters From US to Return Them Home,7340,L-3627392,00.html

Swedish Father Waiting for Kidnapped Kids,7340,L-3815092,00.html


Kept in Japan: Fathers Left Behind

US Dad Sues Japan Airlines After Ex-Wife Left With Son

Tennessee Man Wins $6.1Million Judgment From Ex-Wife Who Abducted Children to Japan

Czech Man Takes Son Out of Japan in Suspected Child Abduction

Japan & India Pressed to Curb Child Abductions

Plan to Join Hague Pact on Custody Due in May 2011

Japan: Parental Child Abductions on the Rise


Korea Should Ratify the Hague Abduction Convention to Help Resolve International Child Abduction by Parents


Mother in Lebanon Child Abduction Case Hires Agent

Hawach Never Thanked Me Rescuer Say


Maltese Judge Dissents in European Court Child Abduction Case


Continental Faces Charges in Child Abduction Suit

Woman Finds Son After 32 Year Search


Outrageous Behaviour by "Civilised" Norway


More Norwegian Children Snatched

Child Born in Norway had Not been Abducted to Malta - Court of Appeal

Court Orders Return of Children Abducted From Father in Norway

Morocco and Norway in Spat over Child Custody Case


Child Abduction?  Polish Court Decides Sydney Boy's Fate

Detective Defends 'Hollywood' Child Abduction


Whisked into Limbo: Father Fights for Daughter Abducted to Russia

Parental Abduction of Children to Russia


Rise in Number of Children Abducted by Their Parents

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Kidnap Woman Forced Into Hiding


Former Met Detective Jailed in Singapore for Trying to Snatch Custody Battle Child

South Africa

Bail Denied in Child Abduction Case

Dads Hunt Mom Who Vanished With Kids


Abducted Son Might be in Stockholm


Facing the Facts of Child Abduction - Thailand

I Posed as a Rich American Playboy on Facebook to Trick My Ex into Handing Over Our Son.

4 Year Old Swedish - Thai Girl Kidnapped


Turkish Men Stand Against Child Abduction by Foreign Wives

Blackburn Mum in Legal Battle to Bring Son Home From Turkey

United Kingdom

Who Has the Right to the Child?

Number of UK Children Taken Overseas by a Parent Rises:  Hague Convention Lets Down Parents

Mother Sentenced for Abducting Son in Isle of Man

I Snatched Back My Daughter From the Father Who Kidnapped Her - And She Hated Me For It

Child-Snatch Father to Mum: 'You Will Never See Our Daughter Again'.

I'll Never End Hunt for My Girl

Third of Abducted Children Not Returned Home After a Year

United States

The 19-Year Search for Bianca Lozano and the Nightmare of Child Abduction Cases

U.S Government GAO Recommendation to Create No-Fly List to Prevent Child Abduction

Abducted Littleton Girl Found in Europe, Mother Faces Charges,0,1759086.story

Children Missing for 15 Years Found on Facebook

The Washington Post - Taken by Mom, Sought by Dad, Left in a Life of Uncertainty

International Abduction Case Haunts Snowmass Village Man

Mother Writes Child Abduction Law on Kitchen Table

I.R.S. Sits on Data Pointing to Missing Children

Parental Abduction Becomes Dad's Cause

Father Convicted of Kidnapping Son Will be Re-Sentenced

Boy Found Safe After Parental Dispute - Mom Accused of Abducting 2-year-old, Threatening Husband|topnews|text|Frontpage

Arrested Minister Faces Court Date in Bitter Lesbian Custody Battle


British Father Arrested in Zambia for Plot to Abduct Sons


Could Europe Alerts Stop Abductions?

Hague Convention - Seven New States Ratify Hague Convention

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