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Stolen: Escape From Syria by Louise Monaghan

Legal Kidnapping: A Mother's Account of What Happens to a Family When the Father Kidnaps Two Children by Anna Dementer

Kidnapped to South America!: The Story of My Son's Abduction by Randy Anglen

Stolen From My Arms: A Young Mother Crosses International Boundaries to Get Her Child Back... A True Story by Katherine Sapienza and Zach Taylor

Chasing the Cyclone by Peter Thomas Senese

Dial Zero for Help:  A Story of Parental Kidnapping by Judith A. Jance, Linda D. Meyer, Carole Lyons and Marina Megale

International Child Abductions:  A Manual For Parents  (Specific to Canada)

Have You Seen My Kids?: A Story of Hope, Inspiration, and What Not to Do If Your Children Are Abducted by Paul Fedynich

No One Takes My Children: The Dramatic Story of a Mother's Determination to Regain her Kidnapped Son and Daughter by Donya Al-Nahi

At Any Price: How America Betrayed My Kidnapped Daughters for Saudi Oil by Patricia Roush

When Parents Kidnap by Geoffrey L. Greif

Family Resource Guide on International Parental Kidnapping by U.S Department of Justice

From Madness To Mutiny:  Why Mothers are Running From the Family Courts by Amy Neustein and Michael Leshner

Stolen Innocence: Parental Kidnapping Through a Child's Eyes by Lisa Defausses

They Are My Children, Too: A Mother's Struggle For Her Sons by Catherine Meyer

Dangerous Diplomacy by Joel Mowgray

Extraordinary Circumstances: Based on the True Story of a Landmark Custody Battle and Parental Abduction Survivor by Scott Berne

Flight of the Dragonfly by Melissa Hawach

Somewhere Child by Bonnie L. Black

Dear Children by Pamela Green

Gone by Margaret Wilcox

A Father's Love by David Goldman

Elian GONZALEZ: Caught Between Two Countries by Frank Gresham

Kidnap! by Ian Strachan

Have You Seen My Mother:  True Story of Parental Kidnap by Bryan Lee McGlothin & Jerry Bergman

How to Deal With a Parental Kidnapping:  A Resource Book by Margaret Strickland

International Child Abduction:  The Inadequacies of the Law by Thalia Kruger

International Parental Child Abduction:  In Association With Reunite by Anne-Marie Hutchinson & Rachel Roberts

Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody

Rescue My Child: Story of Ex-Delta Commandos Who Bring Home Children Abducted Overseas by Neil C. Livingstone

Passeur d'enfants (Child Smuggler) by Josef Melnik

Surrounded by Strangers by Jose S. Kilpack

Have You Seen My Child - The Quest To Recover A Stolen Child by Robin Bowles

Kidnapped: Child Abduction in America by Paula S. Fass

Thousands of Tears: A True Story of International Abduction and Miraculous Rescue by Maria Nicholas

Torn From My Heart: The True Story of a Mother's Desperate Search for Her Stolen Children
by Patsy Heymans and William & Marilyn Hoffer

Destruction of Innocence: A True Story of Child Abduction by Rosalie Hollingsworth

The Recovery of Internationally Abducted Children:  A Comprehensive Guide by Maureen Dabbagh

Parental Kidnapping in America: An Historical and Cultural Analysis by Maureen Dabbagh

Throwing Stones:  A Parental Child Abduction Through the Eyes of a Child by Ken Connelly

Unlawful Flight:  A Parental Kidnapping by Glen C. Shulz

When Parents Kidnap:  The Families Behind the Headlines by Geoffrey L. Greif, Rebecca L. Hegar

Child Abduction and Kidnapping by Susan O'Brien

Broken Treaty - The True Story of a Father's Covert Recovery of His Missing Son From Mexico by Steve Fenton

Scared of the Dark by Sean Felton

Reunited in the Desert by Helle Amin and David Meikle

Child Abduction:  How to Protect Your Children by Maurice Woodson

International Disorder and the Child Abduction Convention by Frank Bates

Abducted:  The Fourteen-Year Fight to Find My Children by Jacqueline Pascarl


Al Jazeera 101 East - Bringing Them Home

BBC World Service - I Was Abducted By My Father

SBS Insight: Parental Abductions -

From the Shadows:  A Documentary about Children Abducted to Japan

Chasing Parents:  Racing Into the Storms of International Parental Child Abduction - Peter Thomas Senese

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