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Recovering Abducted Children Is All We Do

All International Abductions - Hague and Non Hague Convention

Child Recovery has vast experience in the recovery of parentally abducted children to and from Australia, Algeria, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, Cook Islands, Denmark, Egypt, England, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kenya, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, U.S.A, Ukraine, Vanuatu, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.  Child Recovery has existing contacts already operating in these regions with access to databases, technology and extensive search capabilities.

Hague Convention cases can be resolved in half the time by utilising our services.  We have successfully reduced the average time of 3 to 6 months to 4 to 6 weeks on several occasions.

Child Recovery will start looking for your child almost immediately.  If necessary we will engage the services of other experienced investigators and professionals to assist in locating the whereabouts of your child.

We don't require Court Orders to search for or locate your abducted child which can sometimes mean we have located your child by the time the Court Orders are available.

If you already have Court Orders then we can assist in the location and recovery of your child back into your care.

All of our staff have a law enforcement or similarly complementary background.  We are based in Australia and all of our staff have successfully operated in the South Pacific, New Zealand, Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Scandinavia, Europe, Eastern Europe, Canada, South America and the United States.

Law Enforcement and others 'authorised' by the Family Court to search for or locate your child are not doing so actively unless there are some leads or tips for them to follow up on.  They are often working on many other investigations at the same time and do not have someone dedicated to finding your child 24/7.  Our investigators will work solely on your matter and we will also supply law enforcement with leads at times if necessary.

Child Recovery has assisted Australian Federal Police and State Police in their investigations into abducted children for the past 12 years.  We have successfully located and recovered over 100 children in the past 20 years.

When it comes to a child's safety there is nothing a loving parent wouldn't do.  Consequently when your child has been abducted you want to know that the people searching are experienced and knowledgeable.  Searching for someone, particularly someone who is attempting to hide is often not easy to do.  All Child Recovery contractors are very experienced at searching for and locating people.  We understand the abductor and have considerable experience at locating and recovering abducted children.

Some of our Success Stories

Ahmed 3, was abducted by his father and taken from Sweden to Turkey where they moved frequently to avoid detection.  The Swedish and Turkish authorities tried unsuccessfully for 9 weeks to locate Ahmed.
Child Recovery located and recovered Ahmed in 23 days

Daniel 4, was abducted by his father and unlawfully taken to Vanuatu aboard a yacht.  Because there was no official documentation it was very difficult to convince the authorities to shift the focus of their search for Daniel to Vanuatu.  The authorities interviewed family and friends of the father and searched Australia for Daniel and his father for over 4 months.
Child Recovery located and recovered Daniel in 26 days.

Aisha was taken by her father, Mohamed to Egypt when he feared his marriage was over.  Aisha's mother, Anna was beside herself with worry and fear.  After contacting the Australian authorities, lawyers and several others produced no effective results, Anna contacted Child Recovery.
Child Recovery located and recovered Aisha in 53 days.

Clinton 4 and Daniel 7, were taken by their mother from England to Poland.  Poland has not had a good record of returning children under the Hague Convention to date.  Their father immediately hired a Polish lawyer who's first recommendation was that their father re-abduct his children.  The lawyer further suggested that this should be done at the first opportunity as it would be cheaper and quicker than the courts.  The lawyer also commented that there was only a slim chance the father would win a Hague case in Poland.
Child Recovery located and recovered Clinton and Daniel in 15 days.

Jacob 4 and Melissa 6, were abducted by their mother from Canada and taken to Australia.  There were no court orders in place, nor were there any Family Court proceedings underway.  By the time the father had completed the necessary Hague Convention applications Child Recovery Australia had already commenced investigations into the location of Jacob and Melissa.  Their father arrived in Australia two weeks after Jacob and Melissa were abducted.

Child Recovery located and recovered Jacob and Melissa in 22 days.

Mary 22 months, went on a 5 day holiday to Thailand with her Norwegian born mother and instead of returning to Melbourne, Australia they both flew to Norway.  Mary's father immediately contacted his lawyer and applications for recovery were made under the Hague Convention.  The average Hague Convention return is 3 to 6 months after an application is made.  There are often considerable legal expenses and air fares.

Child Recovery located and negotiated the return of Mary in 20 days.

Nicholas 3, was abducted by his father and taken to a remote region of Malaysia.  The Australian Federal Police, Australian Central Authority, lawyers and several others negotiated with the father and searched for Nicholas for 9 months.  Nicholas's mother had already made two fruitless trips to Malaysia trying to locate Nicholas.

Child Recovery located and recovered Nicholas in 11 days.

Emily was abducted by her mother to Vietnam and kept there for 4 years.  Her father pursued and exhausted all legal avenues in both Australia and Vietnam.  Within 6 months of contacting Child Recovery Australia we had returned Emily to her father in Australia.
Child Recovery Australia located and recovered Emily in 16 days.

Jack 6, was abducted by his mother and using false identification and with the help of family and friends travelled to remote regions of central Australia.  The authorities tried to locate Jack and his mother for almost 11 weeks.

Child Recovery located and recovered Jack in 7 days.

Mikalah 5, was abducted by her father and taken from the United States to New Zealand via Australia.  Mikalah's mother immediately commenced a Hague Convention application and made arrangements to fly to Australia.  By the time all the paperwork was completed and her Hague Convention application approved, we had already shifted the focus of our search to New Zealand.
Child Recovery located and recovered Mikalah in 19 days.

Thomas 7 and Alex 11, were abducted by their father and taken to Indonesia.  The authorities, their mother and several others spent 3 months searching for Thomas and Alex.
Child Recovery located and recovered Thomas and Alex in 27 days.

Markel 8, was abducted by her mother and taken from Australia to Greece, a country that has a history of not returning abducted children.  The authorities searched for over 4 months for Markel.
Child Recovery located and recovered Markel in 25 days.

Aaron 6 and Caleb 9, were abducted by their father and taken from New Zealand to Australia.  After purchasing a vehicle in a false name all three then travelled around Australia for 2 months while the Australian Federal Police, State Police and several others searched.

Child Recovery located and recovered Aaron and Caleb in 29 days.

Ethan 8, was abducted by his mother prior to the commencement of any Family Court action by either parent.  Ethan was taken to his mothers native Brazil without his fathers knowledge and despite extensive negotiations by the Central Authority, International Social Services and other agencies and individuals he remained in Brazil for 5 months until Ethan's father contacted us.  We were able to locate Ethan and his mother and persuade them to travel with us to the United States.
Child Recovery located and recovered Ethan in 42 days.

Our investigators have conducted inquiries on behalf of International & National Media Networks, Multi-National Corporations, Banks, Insurance companies and literally dozens of private individuals into over 1000 Criminal and Civil matters.  Many of these investigations have resulted in International and National television media coverage.

We are familiar with the methodologies and behaviours utilised by parental child abductors.  Once we locate your child, most of the time it's a simple matter of calling the authorities and they will recover the child on your behalf with an absolute minimum amount of anxiety or disruption to the child.  On a few occasions we have actually been aboard the plane home before the abductors even realised the child had been recovered.

We can guide you the entire way through the red tape and bureaucracy once you commence the official and legal processes.

In most situations we can commence operations within 2 hours of your first phone call.  We understand that when your child has been abducted time is crucial.  Law enforcement agencies tasked with child recovery do not have the manpower or other resources to quickly follow up on multiple tips and leads as quickly as you need, often due to 'other matters of higher priority'.  Child Recovery can and we'll still have time to keep you updated about every aspect of the search and recovery.

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